man buried with 17 million dollars money

A Nigerian man, Charles Obong who has died in his fifties has been buried with 17 Million US dollars in order to bribe God in Heaven when he gets to the judgment land.

Mr Obong worked as a senior personnel office in the Nigerian ministry of Public Service. He served the government from the year 2006 to 2016. According reports from DailyMonitor, the old man has a fantasy of redeeming his soul before God with cash which he had executed after his death.

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To embark on his fantasy, Obong has been rumored to have saved more than 20 Million US Dollar (About 4.5 Million Ghc). He intends to bribe God on the faithful Day of Judgment in order to redeem his soul from hell fire.

He was buried a month after he died on December 17, 2016. According to eye witnesses, the dead body of the man was buried with 17 Million US dollars. His brother-in-law who saw to it that this happens said “I am only following the will of my in-law”. According to him Mr Obong left a will which stated emphatically that he should be buried with a huge some of money upon his death.

Apparently, Obong’s reasons for being buried with such some of money is basically to enable him convey money to God as an offering in place of his sins. His wife has stated that her husband instructed his brother Justin Ngole to ensure that she buried Mr Obong with that huge sum of money in the coffin.

Source: KonkonsaGh

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