nfl champions Jacoby Brissett letter to obama

NFL Patriots’ back-up quarterback Jacoby Brissett writes thank you letter to Barack Obama after visit to Trump’s White House

“I am writing you this letter to say thank you,” began Brissett’s note. “I want to thank you for what you have done for this country – outside of politics.”

After visiting Trump’s White House as a Super Bowl Champion, NFL Patriots’ back-up quarterback Jacoby Brissett tellingly honored Obama, not Trump.

Brissett wrote a heartfelt note on Instagram that’s sure to resonate with everyone who admires the life and accomplishments of Barack Obama. And without even mentioning Trump’s name once, Brissett burns him, because right after visiting with Trump it’s Obama that Brissett knew deserved to be honored.

“Honestly, I don’t know enough about politics to judge what was good or bad,” he said. “But I want you to know that when you said “Yes We Can” – a young man dreaming a dream from rough circumstances in Florida heard you.”

“When you were elected President for the first time I was 16 … I heard your cry to inspire hope. I used those words as motivation and saw your achievement as an opportunity and permission to work make my dreams come true too.”

“You were the President of the United States – the highest office in the world. You broke a barrier and a stereotype proving not every minority has to use a ball to make a way.

“As I prepare for the honor of visiting the White House, I will be there as a Super Bowl Champion,” Brissett continued. “And I will think of you, mainly because the White House is a different, and better place because you lived there.”
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