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Robert J. O’Neill, Donald Trump & Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Robert J. O’Neill, the former Navy Seal turned author who has taken credit for firing the shot that killed Osa’ma Bin La’ den used Twitter today to take a shot at White House deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders after she praised Trump’s recent Executive Order reorganizing the U.S. Department of Veteran’s Affairs.

Sanders was complaining that the media ignored all the good things Trump was doing like his improvements at the VA while constantly writing about the Russian investigation.


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O’Neill tweeted that he was one of the few lucky veterans who can afford to get pay for his own medical care at private facilities because the system is so terrible it is a disaster for those that must depend on it.

O’Neil has the ability to pay for medical care because he wrote the best-selling book The Operator in 2011 about the raid on the al Qaeda leader’s compound. The book is a hit worldwide and O’Neil since its publication has been a regular guest on various TV and radio shows.

O’Neil was criticized when he published the book for breaking the SEAL’s code of silence, but he proved he is still a stand-up guy today when he stood up for all veteran’s who are forced to depend on the VA for help.

O’Neil told her that when he went to the VA for a cat scan, he was robbed.

Trump’s executive order gives the head of the VA the right to fire people more easily and to combine record keeping with the Defense Department, which is a common sense idea that has been pushed for years.

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Late yesterday, O’Neill backed off on his remarks aimed at Sanders but stood by everything he said about the VA and the awful health care and services it offers veterans.

O’Neill is a brave American who is one of the millions of vets who have been let down by the VA system that was supposed to provide them a lifetime of support after their service for our nation.

He is a gentleman so he decided to go easy on Sanders but he is right to keep pushing hard on the VA and on Trump to improve a terrible system.

Instead, the new Republican health care bill, which would create TrumpCare, promises to shut millions of veterans out of Medicare money for their health care, nursing home stays and other needs.

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Bin Lad’ en is dead but the problems of the VA are very much alive and it is almost certain despite his phony patriotism, his empty promises to vets and his pompous posturing on Memorial Day, Trump is only making it worse.
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