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After her much talked about wedding to Maxwell MensahNana Ama Mcbrown has been living a heaven on earth as she continues to show off her wedding ring to the world to see.

I mean who would not flaunt it when they have it? Nobody right and yes as the saying goes, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”.  To start of with her ring, Nana Ama’s wedding was a “No Photo Allowed” one which kept the media off the occasion.

Barely a photo of the wedding made it out of the eventful occasion, although a photo of the ring was the first image to pop up on social media.

A re-look at Nana Ama’s wedding has brought our attention to her wedding ring, its look exceptionally beautiful and does not look like any ordinary wedding ring out there. We are currently pulling information from an insider to gist us on what content of ring she had on that faithful day. Keep your eyes on VibesRoll on Facebook as we continue to inform you.

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Nana Ama Graciously Flaunts Ring

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