So it is Women Crush Thursday today or is it not? Well everyday is a good day to crush on a real beauty (No makeup, No Plastic) and my WCT for today is none other but our own – Nana Ama McBrown.

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She is a stunning beauty. I mean I remember the first time I saw her on my TV screen. She has grown from the shy actress I know back then to a much dominant brand in the Ghana movie industry. You will much agree with me on that, won’t you?

It does not come to me as a surprise that she waited for this long to fall in love with her long time friend. That is what I call a woman of essence. I remember when news broke of her marriage, the first thing that crossed my mind was, “wow – I am losing a marriage potential to the world” but that being put aside I think she deserves all the happiness in this world.

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Well what brings this article? Nana Ama shared a stunning photo of herself today on her Instagram page, which I thought I should share my comments about it with my readers. If you love this article kindly share it with your friends. Your comments below this article are welcome as well :D. Until then cheers!