Volta Regime Music Group Signee Ayigbe Edem  has said, Afropop – Dancehall singer MzVee and the most acclaimed Dancehall Queen Kaakie lack originality and whatever it takes to sustain themselves in a dancehall beef.

Speaking on Celebrity Fanzone hosted by Jessica, Caroline and Chantelle on Viasat1 TV, the Nyedzilo hit singer has related this to the inability of both dancehall artists to write their own songs. He said this gives the dancehall duo a perception that “…dancehall beef is a joke thing.”
The Volta Regime hit maker said, Ghanaians should not expect much beefing from both musicians. He continued to say that the lyrical fight between the two will only continue if their songwriters are interested in writing more diss songs for them.

He further stated “Kaakie has a song, Ronaldo…I wrote it, Stonebwoy writes for her. I mean it’s not wrong to write songs for people, of course it is the business of music. Richie writes for MzVee so how are you going to react when a person throws a jab at you? You have to wait for your writer who doesn’t have the same emotions running to do it for you…because when there’s a beef it’s about emotions. So that is the angle from which for me I see this whole thing as a joke, because Lady Saw writes herself so when she’s taking a jab at somebody; it’s an honest jab… she’ll do justice. These people have to wait for the writer to take you and address you. So I don’t know how consistent that can be, because if your writer refuses to write a dis song then that ends it.”

edem ayigbeHimself being a dancehall artist he added – “I’m hammering on doing it yourself because it has to be back to back, but when people write for you it will be a one-off and a one-off in a battle, there’s no excitement. There has to be rounds 1, 2, 3 and then we get to see who’s withering away and who’s gaining momentum”,

In the light of recent happenings, music critics and dancehall lovers in Ghana have claimed that the two versatile ladies have a lyrical drift between them. This perception escalated when Kaaki released a supposed MzVee Diss track ‘Sankwas’. In the Kaakie’s comeback track a line in reference to MzVee read “opposition want make we fall… them try hard to be we, but they end up skinny and lean.

In a suppose respond from MzVee’s camp a hot banger titled “Make I Shine” which featured Ghanaian’s Hip-Hop Artiste EL was dropped. In the song the ‘Do My Way” singer claimed Jah (God) appointed her as Ghana’s Dancehall Queen and Kaakie as a loudmouth dancehall wanabee.




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