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No matter what side of the partisan aisle one is on, there is no doubt among the intelligence communities that Russia did play a part in affecting the 2016 presidential election.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was more favorable to Donald Trump, and allegedly directed his hackers towards doing everything they could to help him, most notably through the spreading of targeted fake news in purple places in the country.

It also didn’t help that Clinton herself avoided campaigning in those areas, thereby removing any hope of an opposition argument being made.

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That is all accepted as common knowledge now, except among the right-wing lunatics that want to believe their President was widely accepted (the same people who, no doubt, believe Trump when he claims he lost the popular vote to millions of illegal voters). The question then becomes how much did the Trump Campaign know about Russia’s plans from the beginning, and was there any collusion between the two anti-Democratic Party factions?

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A lot of information has come about since the story broke on CNN back in December. Numerous connections have been drawn between members of the Trump White House and contacts with Russian officials, with the most notable ones being Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s violations of Russia sanctions as CEO of Exxon-Mobil (prompting a recent fining by the Treasury Department) and Trump’s own son meeting with a Russian lawyer to get dirt on Clinton. There is also the fact that, while the Obama Administration struck back by imposing sanctions on the country, the Trump Administration has done nothing but try to ease relations with them.

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The culmination of most of these lead to an independent counsel being appointed to investigate the Trump Campaign in May 2017, much like a special counsel was hired to investigate Nixon during the Watergate years. The leader of this team is Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI who has received bipartisan praise, thereby making him a great choice.

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The best part about Mueller, however, is the fact that he is reportedly intimidating Trump. All information regarding the President’s opinion of him is that he is scared of what Mueller’s team may uncover. As a result, Trump has attempted to take numerous jabs at the former director in order to discredit him, the latest being a claim that Mueller had several conflicts of interest and therefore should not have been selected as the special counsel.

Despite these statements, Mueller has been nothing short of determined. In an official news release from Bloomberg, it was revealed that Mueller’s probe would expand their investigation to include financial transactions between Trump businesses and Russian members. In particular, the counsel is looking into three things: the Trump SoHo hotel, the 2013 Miss Universe pageant the, and the Trump Estate in Palm Beach, Florida. All three of these involved business interactions between The Trump Organization and a Russian official.

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This digging is uncovering something, and the President is afraid of that getting out to the public. Wish Mueller & his team the best of luck & Please Share this on Facebook & Twitter in support of Mueller’s work.




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