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Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer a year prior to elections became quite the scandal. Now, new information confirms that an eighth party was also attending the meeting.

You may be asking who? Just a minute, we believe Mueller is holding unto something. But as far as the source goes, it came directly from the person’s lawyer, Scott Balber.

“The eighth person has been identified by prosecutors and we are cooperating fully with prosecutors as a result of the investigation. To preserve the integrity of the investigation we are declining to identify him at this time,” Balber told CNN.

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This will give Mueller a busy week ahead, but nothing is too much if we care for a little justice.

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According to Balber, the person he represents has lived in America since birth and spoke Russian exceptionally well. He also noted his client “never had any engagement with the Russian government in any capacity.” Trump Jr. merely needed him as a translator, said Balber.

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Now, it seems as though we have the right person to talk to about the meeting. Every dirty detail and every scam can be easily revealed with a little help from the mystery individual.


Aside from Trump Jr., Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya also dropped the claims that something ‘fishy’ was happening during the meeting. Well, I guess that’s up to the authorities to decide, isn’t it?

It is truly good that this person is willing to cooperate, so Mueller can dig deeper into the issue and finally introduce the people of America with the truth.

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Last week, Adam Goldman told the New York Times that all identities at the meeting have been uncovered and the names are about to be dropped soon.

The FBI and the NSA may try to hush-hush the story, but we trust Mueller to come out with the only truth that will serve to possibly impeach Trump.

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Question: Do you Trust Mueller to finally expose Trump when the time is due? Kindly comment below.




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