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In a MAJOR win for the Resistance, Sen. Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell has declared that the GOP will now officially move on from its attempts to repeal Obamacare—once and for all. This is PROOF that our protests have been having a tangible impact on stopping Team Trump’s nightmarish agenda.

The Republican party tried to brute force a “skinny repeal” of Obamacare through the Senate during the wee morning hours of Friday, but to no avail. Three GOP senators—John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins—all cast decisive “no” votes, utterly killing McConnell’s latest health care push.

For his part, McConnell’s devastated at this humiliating debacle. Just after the repeal effort failed in a 51-49 vote, an emotional McConnell took to the Senate floor to express his extreme frustration.

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“This is clearly a disappointing moment,” Sen. McConnell said, visibly tearful. “I regret that our efforts were simply not enough this time. Now, I imagine many of our colleagues on the other side are celebrating. Probably pretty happy about all this. But the American people are hurting, and they need relief.”

How outrageous for McConnell to take to the podium and say that the American people are hurting because they won’t have Trumpcare. What, you mean the bill that was going to boot upwards of 23 million Americans off of their health insurance? The gall of this man is just unfathomable.

“Now I think it’s appropriate to ask, what are [the Democrats’] ideas?” McConnell quipped. “It’ll be interesting to see what they suggest as the way forward. We’ll see how the American people feel about their ideas.”

What the hell is this man even talking about? Obamacare WAS the Democrats’ idea, and it’s been a resounding success for countless vulnerable Americans so far. Of course, our next idea is a single-payer, Medicare-for-all system that guarantees EVERYONE the right to health care.

BreakingTrump Just Issued An Obamacare Ultimatum – It is Horrible.

But all the GOP is capable of is rhetorical games. McConnell is trying to suggest that failing to repeal Obamacare is a disaster—what he doesn’t mention is that Obamacare is a Conservative healthcare model first envisioned by a Conservative think tank. The GOP have already had it their way.

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Still, the best news of all is that McConnell is now calling for the Senate to move on from this Trumpcare mess for good. How about he puts forth a single-payer, Medicare-for-all bill that is actually designed to help ALL Americans?

The epic flameout of Trumpcare is nothing short of a massive victory for the Resistance. THIS is why our protests are so crucial—we’ve forced the GOP to back down in spectacular fashion.

Will the GOP finally move on from Obamacare repeal?

BreakingTrump Just Issued An Obamacare Ultimatum – It is Horrible.

The time to take our protests to the next level is now. The future of our nation is hanging in the balance, and our efforts are working so far.
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