mike pence construction confederate statues

Your natural intuition might be to think that there is no way Vice President Pence said what’s in this title of this article, but it was all caught on camera. This morning, Pence argued against the removal of Confederate statues and monuments, and then took it even further, by saying that we should build more.

Vice President Pence justified this by arguing that the removal of Confederate monuments will, “erase parts of our history just in the name of some contemporary political cause.” This argument holds the same recipe of white supremacy as President Trump’s did last week at Trump Tower.

Removing Confederate statues does not erase history, it removes places of worship to idols that in fact, represent the slavery and racism in our nation’s past. It really is that simple.

“Rather than tearing down monuments that have graced our cities all across this country for years, we ought to have been building more monuments,” Pence told Fox & Friends, “We ought to be celebrating the men and women who’ve helped our nation move toward a more perfect union and tell the whole story of America.” You can see this all for yourself in the clip below.

This is just a reminder that Pence must be removed from office with Trump. Trump claimed he would drain the swamp, but him and his band of cretins are the swamp. Democrat’s 2020 campaign slogan should be to drain the swamp. But in all seriousness, we cannot let this obvious showing of white supremacy stand. Let’s make sure Pence’s comments do not get a pass by getting the word out that he said this.




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