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Mike Pence

After only 160 days as Mike Pence’s chief of staff, Josh Pitcock, Mike Pence’s chief of staff is being replaced. Mike Pence is trying hard to make it look like that is normal practice. He’s is all smiles, pretending that everything is going according to plan.

But NO, that is not normal practice. Chiefs of staff dont’ usually last a full 4 year term, but they rarely resign this early in a term.

Even tweet crazy Donald Trump has somehow figured out how to keep his own chief of staff (Reince Priebus) on the job. No, the replacement of Pence’s COS is not usual and ‘according to the plan’.

According to CNN , Pence will be officially replacing Josh Pitcock with Nick Ayers, two names that no one has ever heard of in the first place. But while Pence wants us to believe that this move is a normal and healthy administrative evolution, it’s actually way too soon to portend anything good.

Most likely this move points to something a bit darker behind the scenes, and even more to the point, something connected to the Trump-Russia scandal. If you remember, Mike Pence recently hired a lawyer to represent him personally as it relates to the Trump-Russia investigation.

That means that Pence is likely expecting to wind up eyeball deep in that investigation. Pence’s term as V.P. will surely become characterized in accordance with his involvement in this and other White House scandals. Bottom line…Pence’s Chief of Staff can see clearly what is going on by Pence hiring a personal lawyer, and he is getting out the door as fast as he can.

The question we will be asking soon….Who will be resigning next?




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