melania trump

Melania Trump can be heard confessing to having s3’x every night with Trump in a leaked phone call. Melania Trump is obviously not like any other First Lady in the History of America.

The call, which predates the election, begins with Donald Trump discussing his presidential ambitions.

In the audio, Trump is  chatting to radio host Howard Stern, telling him “this country won’t be ripped off anymore” when the tone changes.

Because Stern then asks to “talk to that broad in your bed” – and the future President is happy to put her on.

Instantly the presenter is fawning over Melania and asking if she will wear her “hottest outfit” for him.

She tells him that’s “no problem: and – when asked what the outfit will be – she says “you will see”.

He then asks her what she’s wearing at that moment and the 45th First Lady tells him “not much”.

In fact, she admits that she’s “almost” naked, so Stern says “I have my pants off already”.

And it doesn’t stop there, because then the presenter starts probing into her s3’x life.

He says: “What do you do, you go over there at night and you guys have s3’x?”

“That’s true,” the 29-year-old replies. “We have a great, great time”.

Stern then asks Melania if hey have s3’x every night and she replies “even more”.


Stern, right, with his own wife, Beth Ostrosky, and Donald and Melania

The Slovenia-born model subsequently describes how she likes to wear thongs to the beach.And when Donald is put back on the line, he confesses she is in fact naked and it’s “a thing of beauty”.

When the call was made in November 1999, Melania was not yet married to Trump, who she’d met at a party a year earlier.

Yet her future husband already had an eye on the White House and was seeking the 2000 presidential nomination for the Reform Party.  #GROSS

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