Jessica Lebene is the name and she is  trending like never before. Obviously not that famous but we can bet our last Cedi that she would be famous than Amanda Acquah.

Jessica is a real beauty and I think she really fits Afriyie Acquah. This is the lady Afriyie actually “DUMPED” Amanda for. has gathered a lot of gist that suggest that Afriyie and Jessica are really into each other.

It is no hidden secret that Amanda is real cuttie, even my grandma will attest to that fact. Now let us take a minute – look at Jessica, she is a better upgrade of Amanda.

Take a look at her photos below…

jessica-lebene-amanda-acquah jessica-lebene-6-Vibesroll.comjessica-lebene-afriyie-acquah-vibesrolljessica-lebene-afriyie-vibesroll.comjessica-lebene-2-vibesroll






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