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Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban – billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks and a constant critic of Donald Trump, is the PERFECT foil for Trump: he’s a successful billionaire who didn’t cheat his way into his wealth and a populist who actually gives a sh8*t about the American people.

As such, Cuban is telling the free press to filter through Trump’s constant PR smokescreens to get to the issues that REALLY matter.

The difference between Cuban and Trump is that when Cuban tells you something, you can tell that he’s a genuinely sincere and frank person: he’ll tell you the truth whether you’re facing the good, the bad, or the ugly. But Trump is the opposite: he’s only capable of streaming together lie, after lie, after lie.

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That’s why Cuban thinks it’s crucial for the American media to ignore Trump’s CLEARLY false tweets and dig down to the deeper issues that Trump’s trying to distract from in the first place. Cuban said as much during a recent interview on FOX Business.

“They need to start ignoring this sideshow and look for answers to more important questions,” Cuban said. “What has changed for [the American people] since the election? Have you gotten a raise? A better job? Has your cost for health care gone down?”

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“Ninety-five percent of America cares as much about the battle between Trump and the media as they do cricket scores,” he continued. “[He] deflects and misdirects.”

“The media needs to learn that Trump is like any CEO—he will deflect and misdirect,” Cuban concluded. “It’s time to start talking to the people who go to work every day and find out what is going on in their lives.”

Now, that’s what REAL populism sounds like—not the FAKE fascist brand of populist demagoguery that Trump has been shoving down America’s throat since January. And it’s a great insight, too: Trump has a CEO mentality, and CEOs don’t have the same mandate to be honest that traditional public servants do.

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Tyrants have been distracting their subjects for thousands of years. That’s what Trump is trying to do the American people right now, and Cuban is warning the free press not to fall for the trap.

What our nation needs now more than ever is hard-hitting investigative journalism. We need truth seekers to get to the bottom of Russiagate and ALL the other scandals Team Trump is currently mired in, no matter where the truth leads.

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And, with rhetoric like this, Cuban sure seems like he’s making a presidential run in 2020. He’d be light-years better than Trump, that’s for sure.

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