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Trump broke the record on the amount of money raised for an inauguration with over $100 million donated. Rachel Maddow asks the obvious question no one has been talking about: where did all that money go?

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Trump managed to raise an unprecedented $107 million for his inauguration, a record that he openly bragged about. But what he hasn’t openly bragged about is where exactly all that money went.

Trump’s inauguration was not nearly as extravagant (and had only a fraction of the people present) as Barack Obama’s inauguration which only cost $53 million. Rachel Maddow, on her show, asked the important question.

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“If this what your inauguration looks like, what do you need $100 million for?” Maddow asked. “Why do you need to more than double the record amount of money that was raised and spent on the biggest inauguration ever for an inauguration event that was half that size?”

THIS took guts. She’s spreading the TRUTH when no one else WILL. Maddow correctly states that the money had to have gone somewhere and obviously not to the inauguration.

What exactly were the donors donating to? There is no way it was spent on the actual inauguration events.

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Trump’s inaugural committee is not required to report how the money was spent, but they did say that they were intending to donate the remaining money to charities. We do not know how much was left over, but it must have been a lot.

Contributors included corporate executives, lobbyists, businesses and small donors. A large portion of the money was donated by Citgo oil executives.

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The son of one such executive met with the National Security Council where he presented a plan for improving political relations with Venezuela. Also on the agenda was a proposition to lift U.S. sanctions in order to open Venezuela up to business opportunities with U.S companies.

This money obviously did not go to the inauguration but rather straight into Trump’s pocket.

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Maddow reported, “In a normal administration, the National Security Council doesn’t get used for stuff like this. National Security Council officials do not have to meet with half million dollars donors to hear their ideas on sanctions for some other country. In a normal administration, the National Security Council isn’t used to pay off donors.”

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She is absolutely right. This scandal exposes Trump for the scam artist he really is.
Why journalists have not been talking about this is unclear. Thankfully, Rachel Maddow is bringing this issue into the light. She’s not scared of Trump.

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