Musician and political activist Lucky Mensah who recently has been seen in the camp of the biggest opposition party – NPP, endorsing Nana Akuffo Addo and the party has hit back at MzBel for “uninformed” utterances she made about him.

The “16 Year” singer  in an interview has called Mensah an ungrateful person who took money and car for composing a song for the NDC party during the 2012 election year. MzBel has called Lucky a selfish person for acting like the NDC are the major cause of his inability to shine or release hit song for his fans.

In a respond, Mensah has asked Mzbel to be well-informed before making outrageous comments about him.
“I sold my ‘Nkratuo’ track to the late David Lamptey and so Mzbel should be well-informed before making the unfounded claims against me. I did the song in 2011 and the NDC bought the right in 2012.”

Mensah also added saying that although Mahama and the NDC promised him a 4×4 car, they only bought him a Corrola instead.
“They promised to reward me after I did ‘Atta Beye’ for them. They promised me a 4×4 car but rather they bought me a Corolla. Mzbel should stop spewing lies. If she does not know, she should ask me, I will tell her.”

A number of Ghanaian Celebrities have considered election years as a ‘Cocoa Season’ year to make some few bucks out of these aspiring political candidates. Some have gone way ahead to sell their time and career, including relations such as well-built friendship in order to endorse a political party.  Is it worth it, we ask?

Source: LiveFmGhana