Los Angeles – Over the week, a large number of videos have surface social media portraying what looks like a disagreement between a LAPD police officer who was off duty and a group of kids. According to Orange County Register, the LA cop (name unknown) pulled his gun and fired it in a crowd of teens in the midst of the altercation whilst trying to detain a 17-year-old Latino boy.

Throughout the incident, the boy and his peers both plead for the officer to let him go. To no avail, several of his friends attempt to break him free from the cop’s grip. The incident was reportedly sparked by “ongoing issues” with students trespassing the officer’s lawn.

The off-duty officer at one point says to the kid “you shouldn’t have made the threat that you were going to shoot me,” to which the teen replies, “I didn’t say that. Why are you lying? I said I’m going to ‘sue you.’” WOW

In the end, it’s the 13-year-old and a 15-year-old that get arrested by Anaheim police, not the off-duty officer who used his firearm amid children – reports the Los Angeles Times.

“If it would have been a [white kid] this would have never happened,” said Naui Oceloti Hitzilopochtli, one of the protesters. “White kids don’t go through this. Only people of Mexican descent or black people.”

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