A s*Xu*lly explicit and an ‘Adult Content’ rated music video – ‘Awurama’ performed by an up-and-coming musician, Lord Paper and a lady who has been identified as Vonita Pearl Nana Yaa Darko has been trending since last week when it was released on the various social media.

The said lady in the explicit video has been interviewed on various radio and TV stations. She happens to be the daughter of the chief executive officer of Jah Links Entertainment – Nana Yaa Darko.

In the ‘Awurama’ music video, Nana Yaa and Lord Paper can be seen n.aked, and not just nude but also making love to the Lord Paper’s somehow irrelevant music.
Though it looks so real and persons who have seen the video have described it as the two were actually having real se. x and alleged it to be a p.ornography – Lord and Nana Yaa have confirmed in the media that they were only acting.
The said video that has also gone viral on social media has generated a lot of heated controversy in the country.
In an address to the issue with her on Daily Guide, Nana Yaa was asked if she was bothered, she hurriedly responded, saying – “No. I am not because nothing out there was real. It was all acted. As I said before, it was all work. That’s all.”

She included – “I’m not bothered at all: you know why I don’t care about it; because people would even judge you when they don’t know you. People who really know me know that it was work that I was doing and nothing in it was real. So whatever someone else says, it does not make me and it does not break me. I am still who I am and I am still Nana Yaa,”

When asked if she attends church, Pearl admittedly said – “Once in a while, when I get the time to, I do. But this is not supposed to be an excuse for not going to church. I go to church once in a while, I do.”

“Hopefully they have. This video has gone viral than I thought it would. And if they see it, they are in church. The church has many responsibilities. You don’t sit somewhere and judge someone by what you see. So I am not bothered in the first place because people who are judging me do not know me.” She answered to the question of whether her church members have seen the video.
The master planer of the said ordeal – Lord Paper and Pearl Nana Yaa confirmed to  Daily Guide that though the video appears as porn, Lord Paper never penetrated Pearl at any point the video shoot.

Source: Daily Guide




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