j cole songs for your eyes only

J Cole Songs– For Your Eyes Only Mp3

J Cole crowns his fourth studio album with the uplifting song – ‘For Your Eyez Only’. This is one of the best song on the album list and it is just perfect that Jermaine Cole christened this fourth album with the same title.

J Cole Songs ‘For your eyes only’ makes it number 10 on the album list and it is the icy on the cake. It brings out Cole’s play on words. His delivery was right on point. Cole is deep and simple the GOAT of our time.

Man be dying on the daily
It seems my dreams faded for far too long, the consequences deadly
Can’t visualize myself as nothing but a criminal
Control the block, serving up rocks and stay subliminal

Cause young man is hard-headed, they letting off
Full of adrenaline, ignorant to what death can cause

Ain’t no coming back, family dressed in black
Plus it’s hot now, the cops outside it’s hard to flip a pack
And my daughter gotta eat, her mama be stressing me like I ain’t the one who put them Jays on her feet

J Cole Songs – For Your Eyes Only (mp3 DOWNLOAD)




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