Kuwait Crime

Kuwait Crime: Why will any Ghanaian travel to Qatar or Kuwait; some do it for the pleasure but most do it for greener pasture. Ghanaian usually females who make the trip to the United Arab Emirates preferably Qatar or Kuwait, take this trip to find greener pastures. At most times we get to hear stories of these voyages. Most are full of pretentious lies while a few of these stories are candid truth.

A Ghanaian Tales from Qatar & Kuwait
Tales that comes out of Qatar and Kuwait are those of r* ape, a* buse, s* lavery. We sometimes try very much not to believe them. This is because Qatar and Kuwait has been white washed in the brains of Ghanaians as a great country running with milk and honey.

Unfortunately, a great number of these people have realized too late this is a horrible mistake. Many Ghanaians have found themselves stranded in Qatar, with no way out and no way to improve their situations. Ghanaians stuck in Kuwait will tell you that there’s a frightening risks that await those who enter the country. Human traffickers posing as job agents entice unwitting female travelers into prostitution and other jobs they never agreed to take. One scam traps women into house cleaning jobs, although the women believed they were going to work at a hair salon.


I have heard stories about women who was sold into s* lavery by an Ethiopian expats. These women are forced into hard day jobs, most working as servants. It is average that these women make around $500 per year even though they are sold around $2,000 to their masters.
They clean toilets, go under mass t* orture, r* ape and all sorts of unprintable treatments and at most time the only way out of this trap is through death or as the mercies of their masters. Kuwait Crime

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Stories have been heard about families losing contacts with their bread-winners who travel to Qatar and Kuwait for greener pastures. These women are later seen being shipped back home in coffins with outrageous stories of how they lost their lives in a car crash or in an animal attack.

What Is The Ghanaian Community Doing About This?
Ghanaians now frown on trips to Qatar or Kuwait and most have advocated that the government stops or possibly ban travels from Ghana to Qatar, same as travels from Ghana to Kuwait. These trips are being recognized as Human Trafficking which is an internationally recognized crime on human rights. Kuwait Crime

Although Ghanaians abroad lean heavily on their government, till now, no special measures have been put in place by the Ghanaian government to battle such inhuman activities that they face living abroad especially in countries like Qatar or Kuwait.

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