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US President Donald Trump speaks during a security briefing on August 10, 2017, at his Bedminster National Golf Club in New Jersey. / AFP PHOTO / Nicholas Kamm (Photo credit should read NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

You remember Ken Starr, don’t you? Sure you do. He was the Special Prosecutor appointed to investigate the Whitewater matter when Bill Clinton was president. His investigation and report led directly to the impeachment of President Clinton on an unrelated matter. Clinton was later acquitted by the Senate

Ken Starr was a guest on The 11th Hour With Brian Williams Thursday evening, and he was discussing the current investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Starr began by noting that Mueller is a dogged investigator who will not stop until he gets to the bottom of what, if any, wrongdoing was committed by President Trump and/or members of his campaign. That led host Brian Williams to comment:

Rawstory published:
“Counselor, it is my understanding that you are of the belief that the president should be much more wary and on-guard and worried about these Congressional investigations than the Mueller investigation.”

Starr replied:

“No, I think he’s going to be worried about both. I think there is a tendency to ignore what Congress is doing when, famously, during the Watergate investigation so many years ago, the explosive fact of the White House tapes, came not from Archibald Cox, but from Congressional investigators during a deposition.”

The former Whitewater prosecutor then noted that Vice President Mike Pence is reportedly cooperating with Mueller, adding:

“The president’s lawyers are all saying that, ‘let’s get this done,’ and the way to get it over with is cooperation.”

And Starr also said he expects the Mueller investigation to result in “multiple indictments.”

That led Williams to ask a logical follow-up question:

“Yes or no answer. Do you see the president being placed under oath before this is all over?”

Starr didn’t hesitate, responding:


Imagine Donald Trump under oath. As much as he likes to lie and as desperately as he’ll be trying to turn things to his own advantage, he’d be a yammering case of perjury just waiting to happen.

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