Actress and movie producer Kafui Danku is one happy person on this planet earth. She is full of joy and gladness; it is infectious and she cannot hide it anymore as she wants the whole world to know about it.


After the news broke up that she has taken seed with her “white husband” she has been all over the internet flaunting her gradually growing baby bump. I must believe the idea of motherhood is taking the better part of her.


The actress has had a tough time with being pregnant as she has had 3 miscarriages and a still birth ever since she got married. Earlier this year, rumors surfaced of a possible break up between Kafui and her ‘white husband’. Life has not been entirely fair for the amazing actress and she is glad things are turning up to be okay as she always wanted.


Your number one entertaining hub – has received exclusive photos from her photoshoot session. From the look, we can tell Kafui’s baby is so ready to pop.
The photos are quite engaging and we cannot tell if she has any hidden agenda taking such revealing photos with her baby bump.


Enjoy the photos below…


kafui-danku-18-Vibes kafui-danku-20-Vibeskafui-danku-24-Vibes-Roll





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