Justin Bieber does not want the media getting into his business and obviously his upcoming deposition video is one of the targets. Justin’s deposition video must be really “good enough for Trump”.

Bieber does not want the media to get hold of his depo and therefore ask that its release be blocked.

A case filed by his ex-neighbor claims the singer terrorized him, egging his house and also spitting on him. This ordeal was cited back in 2014 when Justin stayed next to this neighbor in Calabasas.

Lawyers think it is unfair to put Bieber’s depo out there in the world since the neighbor is so angered. The deposition is tipped to be a spectacular one.

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Bieber has reportedly stated that he paid the guy Ninety-Thousand USD and besides, the lawsuit for emotionally distress is pure Bullshvt.

The lawyer handling Bieber’s case has said that sometimes privacy in lawsuit is a good thing and went far ahead to cite Trump’s order of protection in the Trump U Lawsuit.





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