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Just Wings: Owner Just Wing It restaurant, Chris Behney who allegedly chanted a racial slur to a customer – Ricky Bugg saying, ““Ni**ers Are Not Allowed To Eat Here & Since Trump Is President I Can Say What I Want” has been forced to apologize after a peaceful protest was organized in Annville.

Achieving resolution to the incident is what the organizer of the protest, Patricia Steely, a retired special education teacher from Palmyra, said she wanted.

“This was organized mainly in response to the press conference, and I was very disappointed in Chris’ lack of ability to self-examine how he handled the situation,” Steely said. “I look at it from a conflict resolution point of view that this began as a conflict in the store, and then his inability to deal with it turned it into a full-blown event with racial undertones.”

Steely gave a letter she wrote to Behney to the owner of the Annville restaurant, Nikki Meyer, for her to pass on to Behney, Steely said. The letter, which Steely did not have an extra copy of, asked Behney to take responsibility for the incident, as well as to ask him to apologize to the Buggs for the incident, according to Steely.
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“I would like Chris to look at himself, and say, ‘OK, let’s look at what happened. This is how I handled it. What could I have done differently, so that it couldn’t have gone to the point where these words came out of my mouth?’” Steely said. “This didn’t start out as a racial incident. This started out as a conflict. That conflict could have easily been handled without getting to the point of where it got.”

“More truth, less lies, Chris Behney, apologize,” the group of 15 protesters chanted Sunday while standing near the front of Just Wing It, 18 E. Main St., Annville. Just Wings

Many motorists passing by honked their horns, and gave the protesters the thumbs up signal, but one passing motorist rolled their window down and shouted, “White power,” before speeding away.

City Councilman Cornell Wilson, who said he was on hand representing himself and not the city, said that he has talked to Behney about an apology.
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“I hoped he would make a sincere apology. That’s all. But I’m also working with others to do some positive events and initiatives coming up to take this to a more positive, educational level,” Wilson said. “Over the next couple of months, there will be more panels and events coming up to go see to make this into a more positive situation.”

“I did talk to Chris, and I encouraged him to make an apology, and I think he is willing to do that privately with the Bugg family,” Wilson said. “That is between them at this point. I’m just here to say let’s make this right.”

There has been a foundation started by the Buggs, the Dare 2 Care to Heal Racism Foundation that will be doing various education activities such as panel discussions, addressing legislation and having positive initiatives with business owners, according to Wilson.

“All of it positive to address the issue, not Just Wings It, but to address the issues of racism, hate and discrimination,” Wilson said. Josh Brady, candidate for mayor of Lebanon, was also there for the protest. [Trump is indeed president!]

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