Joselyn Dumas – the Ghanaian version of Kim West, a movie star, TV host and peace advocate turns 36 today and what a better way to celebrate this fitful day than to share something with family, friends and fans. Joselyn was born on August 311, 1980.
joselyn dumas with mom

The well endowed lady of the moment, curvaceous as most call her took to her Instagram page to share an amazing shot of herself and the mom a day before her birthday. The picture looks more like a throwback Thursday shot. It features herself with the mom donning a beautiful smile.

Next to the photo she captions the beautiful shot – “Joselyn Dumas was happy then… Still happy now 🙂 🙂 🙂 #feelingsoblessed”

Today, she posted two photos to her IG page. One is quite engaging, she can be seen in a white attire – shirt, showing her curvaceous blessings lying on a bed. The other she shared some few hours ago has her wearing a beautiful blue dress.
Take a look for yourself…


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From the Vibes Roll Team we say Happy Birthday To Joselyn Dumas.




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