jamie fox called nigger in restaurant

Jamie Foxx gets called the N-Word whiles filming his next movie in Croatia. The racial slurs knows no boundary as the movie star was surprise when two men in a restaurant called him “ni**r”. This spells out the fact that hates exists everywhere including America.

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Foxx is currently playing a character of Little John in his next movie Robin Hood: Origins.

jamie fox racial slur

Apparently, the two men, aged 44 and 50, were being a nuisance causing disturbance in the restaurant. The two men were loudly insulting everyone who walked in the restaurant, at some point when Foxx entered the restaurant for a scene, these two men called the Academy-Award-winning actor ‘crncuga’, which roughly translates to the n-word.

Jamie Foxx is staying in the beautiful resort town of Dubrovnik, but it’s not all been sunshine and rainbows the actor has said.

jamie foxx robin hood

Police quickly arrived on the scene and picked up the two men into custody. Their report says that the perpetrators were acting “in a particularly arrogant and rude way,” and that the older of the two, “insulted one of the guests on racial grounds.”

Foxx wasn’t mentioned by name in the report, but he immediately took to Instagram to document the experience (the post has since been deleted). The police are reportedly going to press misdemeanor charges against the two men.

The incident did not get to Foxx as he took to his Instagram page again in the next day to post his thoughts on the country. Fox’s post indicates that the actor’s “mind [is] blown” by the beauty of Croatia.

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