james comey memoir
Donald Trump, James Comey (Google Image)

President Trump believes that the whole situation between him and James Comey is over. Comey has done so much and he will not stop doing great things for this country.

As per The New York Times, Comey is writing a book that will include details of his work with the Trump administration.

james comey testimony

Comey’s book will not be an old-fashioned memoir, but will tell how Mr. Comey got through some of the most challenging moments of his legal career. Including the Clinton affair during the election and the Trump and Russia ties.

The book is not meant to criticize Donald Trump, instead Comey’s idea of the book is to serve as a lesson in leadership.

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james comey memoir

Comey plans to “write candidly about his experience serving in multiple administrations, and to use moments from his career to draw lessons about ethics, decision-making and leadership.,” according to The NY Times.

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