White House adviser Hope Hicks has been hired as interim Communications Director for the Trump administration, taking the place of disgraced former adviser Anthony Scaramucci. Although the 28-year-old Hicks had no government experience before the Trump administration, she will be one of the highest-paid staffers in the executive branch.

Hicks will be one of 22 Trump administration employees “earning” $179,000, the highest salary allowed for the president’s staff.

Many insiders have wondered if Hicks will be appointed as the permanent Communications Director in the next few weeks. She got increasingly close to Trump during the campaign, after switching over from a short career in public relations after graduating college a few years ago.

Hicks’ short-lived predecessor, Anthony Scaramucci, put a friendly message on Twitter to congratulate Hicks – however, it backfired in a huge way …

After that, things got ugly for Scaramucci and Hicks. That’s because the truth started coming in fast from concerned citizens on Twitter.

hope hicks

Americans are totally justified to be mad about Hicks’ outrageous salary – she is totally unqualified to fill a position like that!

Think about it. Any human being who chooses to work closely with Trump has extremely questionable judgement.
The Independent reports:

 “Hope Hicks, 28, may be named President Donald Trump’s White House communications director shortly. But before joining Trump’s campaign, she had no political experience.
… Hicks started working on what would become Trump’s campaign five months before Trump announced his presidency, after he famously rode a golden escalator down to the lobby of his tower on June 16, 2015.

That makes Hicks the campaign staffer who has persisted in Trump’s inner circle the longest. She outlasted his first campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and several senior advisers.” If Hicks gets promoted to communications director, you can be certain that the Trump administration’s history of lying and hiding the truth will continue.




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