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The Washington Post now reports that a fake Russian document may be partly responsible for former FBI Director James Comey’s perceived mishandling of his agency’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails.

The Russians may have conned the American people far worse in 2016 than we could have ever imagined.

Here’s what we know so far about this bombshell. Last year, the FBI received a document, which was conveyed as an intercept of Russian intel, that claimed former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had assured the Clinton campaign team that the FBI’s investigation into Hillary’s emails wouldn’t go “too far.”

According to anonymous officials within the FBI, this document led Comey to announce in July 2016 that there would be no prosecution of Clinton WITHOUT consulting with Lynch’s Department of Justice first. Comey did this because if the Russian intel leaked, he believed it would compromise public trust in the FBI’s independence.

Comey caught a lot of flak for not consulting with Lynch before announcing his conclusion of the Clinton email investigation. But he did what he thought was right at the time, because the Russian intel had planted a seed of doubt in his mind about whether or not Lynch was working with the Clinton campaign.

But just one month later, the FBI concluded that the “Russian intel doc” was a forgery. Their new estimation was that the Russians had planted the doc to confuse the FBI.

Comey’s decision to go around Lynch set in motion a chain of events that many commentators now believe cost Clinton the election in 2016. And it’s all thanks to the fact that Russian agents in the Kremlin successfully duped the FBI.

This is horrifying, folks. This is just further evidence that the Russians are waging a full-scale misinformation war against the American people.

American democracy has officially been compromised by Vladimir Putin. And that should have EVERY patriot up in arms, Republican or Democrat.

The United States needs to make a FORCEFUL response in kind to Putin to deter him from every interfering in American democracy again. But it’s clear that so long as Traitor Trump is in office, Russia is going to keep getting away with their crimes.

The first step to stopping Putin’s meddling is booting Trump from office. Then we can get a Democrat in office who will take a stand against Russia’s crimes.
Did Russia get Trump elected?
Source: LearnProgress.com