Our friends over at Patribotics are reporting that there is an FBI counterintelligence investigation into Fox News. Sources with justice department links say the network has been coordinating with the Kremlin to broadcast specialized propaganda.

According to the sources, intelligence officials gathered signals through incidental collection linking the network pro-Trump messages with the Russian state, specifically Sean Hannity’s. He’s not the only one implicated in the intercepted intel.

The report points out:
Specifically, Sean Hannity is on signals intelligence co-ordinating his pro-Trump message with organs of the Russian state, such as RT, Sputnik, Wikileaks and Julian Assange. However, emails co-ordinating messaging with registered agents of the Russian state are said to exist from more shows than that of Sean Hannity.

Furthermore, sources familiar with the matter say that the FBI is actively considering a referral to the FCC, in addition to any criminal prosecutions that may result for individuals not registering under FARA for coordinating with official agents of the Russian state.

A great many of Fox News’ employees, anchors and executives have reported fearlessly on Trump and Russia, including Shep Smith. The problems appear to be executive based and systemic, these sources say, and a referral to the FCC is being considered. The First Amendment protects journalistic freedom, but systemic and repeated coordination with official organs of the Russian state is regarded as knowing collaboration with an enemy attack on America. Referral to the FCC is an option under consideration at a corporate level, sources report, and prosecutions for chief malicious actors, in particular Sean Hannity, are probable, these sources say.

While the First Amendment protects reporters and journalist who are doing their job with integrity, it does not protect those who are working with a known enemy to attack America through illegally generated propaganda. This all sounds almost to good to be true but it makes so much sense about why Fox News is the way it is. So much for “fair and balanced”.
Source: BluedDotDaily





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