Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. a former American boxer, entrepreneur and currently a boxing promoter was booed at a Manny Pacquiao fight over the weekend.

Instead of getting a standing ovation when the boxer was about to take his seat, he got booed. How un-cool is that?

The undefeated champ who was wearing a $5,000 Gucci trench coat was accompanied by 3 heavily build bodyguards made a noticeable entrance when he arrived at the boxing ground – the Thomas and Mack Center, Vegas.

Whatever Mayweather wants, he gets. We can tell the boxing legend wanted to be seen, he wanted to create a scene. It’s quite obvious that Floyd wanted people talking about a possible Mayweather vs. Pacquiao rematch.

Hold on to that thought – as Manny was asks of a possible rematch with Mayweather, he said;

“If the rematch happens, I want to make sure the fans love it … I will give all I can to give my best to the fans.”

Watch Mayweather getting booed at Pacquaio’s fight below…


Video Credit: TMZ





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