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Florida Predators: A Jacksonville, FL native, Brittney Jones, 26-year-old and her co-star, 35-year-old Jeremiah Robinson, filmed and posted a now-deleted video clip of Robinson receiving fellatio from Jones as Jones waited to face a judge on drug-related charges.

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Florida Predators: The incident happened late last month, and police issued an arrest warrant for both leading actors.

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Robinson was not about that on the run life, and turned himself in this past Monday night. He was charged with performing an unnatural and lascivious act, to which he pleaded not guilty. Yes, you read that right, not guilty.

Meanwhile, Jones, who is very much un-bothered, checked in New York City about an hour after her warrant was issued, and returned to Jacksonville earlier this week with no intention of following her accomplice’s lead.


Jones has absolutely no qualms about enjoying her new-found fame, in fact, she’s basking in it. She’s made it clear to the media that she’s down to share her story, and for the right price, she’ll give them a mouth full (take that how you want it).

“To all the news channels following me on Facebook. I know for a fact you’re reading this, so I will let all of you know; I will only do an interview with the highest bidder.

Shoot me a price,” she posted on Facebook.  She also ensured her “fans” that she wasn’t in any major trouble, and bragged about the fact that she also had sex at a local Winn-Dixie restaurant.


Jones’ family has stated that they are disappointed in the young woman’s actions, but not ashamed.  Her father, David, spoke to News4Jax saying, “I was working on my yard (and) I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom.

When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked — very, very shocked.” David confessed to missing a huge chunk of his daughters’ life due to incarceration adding, “For many years, we didn’t speak. But she’s my first born. I love her. I try and guide her, but she always brings up that I wasn’t there when she really needed me. So deep down I feel she’s doing it for the attention.”

Initially, claims were made that Robinson was a part of the courthouse security team, however, police have confirmed that he isn’t, nor was he ever a Duval County Court employee.  Jones, who is ultimately making a mockery of the entire fiasco, took to Facebook and issued the following heartfelt apology to her partner in crime:

“I feel so bad my baby daddy is going through all this over getting some head and cream pie his baby mama. This is my apology to him in front of the world…I’m sorry…love, your favorite girl in the world.

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