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Nikki Samonas loves to flaunt and I guess she believes in the cliché “If you’ve it, flaunt it

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Well, I haven’t seen her boobs this big before. In a recent picture she posted on Instagram, where she showed a lot of cleavage – her boobs appeared a bit bigger than usual.

This has generated a lot of debate among her fans. We all want to know if it is real or not. Speaking on Class FM this weekend, Nikki cleared the air, she emphasized that her boobs are natural and she loves them. Nikki’s breasts have become a topic of discussion in recent times on social media.

My boobs [are] my favorite part of my body. … I love them, people even say I have done implants. I mean that’s how good they look,” she told host Prince Benjamin, adding: “No, I haven’t done implants. Why would I do implants when they look so good?”

She explained further; “I will do implants after childbirth; if [they] still look good, no, but if [they don’t], I will fix it. When something is wrong, you fix it,”

The now endowed actress also confessed and said that she loved her boobs because they were round and firm. She stated – “They are beautiful… I can stare at them in the mirror for long because they are so perfect, I think that is why He (God) didn’t give me a**, He gave me nice breasts because I don’t have a$$,”

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