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The FBI is currently investigating Fox News for broadcasting propaganda in collusion with the Russian government. Specifically, the FBI is looking at Fox News anchor Sean Hannity...

The FBI is currently investigating Fox News for broadcasting propaganda in collusion with the Russian government. Specifically, the FBI is looking at Fox News anchor Sean Hannity, sources (requested to stay anonymous) close to the talk show host have disclosed.

A recent report accuses Sean Hannity of sending signals to Russian state-run media in an effort to internationally publicize a pro-Trump message.

But here’s where things start to get dicey. Members of the press—just like all people in the U.S.—are protected by the First Amendment, which grants freedom of speech.

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However, repeated coordination with a foreign government or a pro-foreign government entity could be considered as a conspiracy against the United States of America.

Or, by another word, treason.

Sean Hannity has been frequently mentioned by Donald Trump as a friend and advisor, and Hannity spoke highly of Trump during the 2016 presidential election. In addition to his daily show on Fox News, Hannity hosts a radio show that is broadcast nationwide.

Hannity has recently been on the outs with Fox News for promoting a conspiracy theory involving the Clintons. After being asked to stop pushing his theory on Fox, Hannity continued to talk about it on his radio program.

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Unlike the U.S., Russia does not have a free press. The government exercises control over the media, and Russia appears consistently low on the Press Freedom Index, which ranks countries globally.

Russian citizens are also subject to propaganda promoted by the government on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for journalists and others who speak out against the government to be imprisoned, disappear or mysteriously die.

People in Russia also don’t have full access to the internet. Many sites that are critical of the Russian government are banned countrywide. In 2015, more than 20,000 websites were blocked from reaching Russia.

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Russia also monitors websites in the country, and has established a registry for all sites that have 3,000 or more daily viewers so they may be monitored.

The state-run Russian media promotes the messages they want people to hear, and gets rid of people who say things the Russian government doesn’t want its people to hear.

Fox News also clearly has their own agenda to push and ideas to promote, but is anyone there actively working with Russia in order to push a pro-Trump message? Watch Fox News for a little while, and you’ll start to believe anything.

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After all, their viewers usually do.

It’s never been a secret that Fox News has a pro-Republican message to push. The network has blatantly lied to its viewers, obscured facts and completely ignored media reports in order to maintain that message and continue to push a GOP agenda.

But how far are they willing to go to sway their viewers?

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