Like the saying goes “Flaunt It If You’ve Got It” is exactly what Instagram Star Moesha Buodong is doing. Moesha is back having people talking about her and this time she manages to pack the fat BBunny into a blue denim. She’s seen sitting provocatively to grab the attention of those bum lovers in this picture exclusive to

It is no doubt Moesha has finally accepted that all that there is to her person and name, is that a$$ which she continues to proudly flaunt.

If anyone has ever been to circle lately they can tell this is the kind of BBunny capable of causing “Human traffic” if its offloaded down there in the late middle of the day, presumable 5 pm rush hour. Lol

ALSOMoesha Boduong Flaunts More Skin In New Photos (Check Them Out)

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