Appietus – a multiple award-winning music producer and sound engineer who is also know in real life as Appiah Dankwa has express his view saying that power crisis (Dumsor) which inflicted Ghana was bad for business.

He said, ‘dumsor’ affect him and almost everyone who was in the music industry over the last few years under Mahama’s Governance.


Talking to DJ Premier, a host of Entertainment Capital on Accra 100.5FM, he said “If an artiste is done with the song and it is being given to a DJ to play, he probably uses a generator to play it on radio. Those who’re supposed to listen to the song on radio or watch the video on TV cannot because they don’t have electricity in their homes or generators to give them light,”


The ‘Muj3 Baya’ producer said that during the dumsor era, farmers could arguably be the only people who were not affected because they solemnly use electricity to work. “Dumsor affected lots of businesses in the country, it’s only farmers who may have not been affected by dumsor because they use cutlass and other machines which might not be powered by light,” Appietus added.






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