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Donald Trump just betrayed America’s national security interests again by revealing the classified location of two U.S. nuclear submarines, and top Pentagon officials have responded by airing out their grave concerns with the press. But now these brave officials want the nation to know that Trump is sabotaging our military from the top down.

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Along with the rest of the nation, the Pentagon was shocked to discover that Trump had revealed the top-secret locations of two U.S. subs to President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines. A leaked transcript from Duterte’s office exposed how Trump told Duterte that these subs were in Korean waters.

“We have two submarines—the best in the world,” Trump told Duterte. “We don’t have to use this, but [Kim] could be crazy, so we will see what happens.”

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This is CLEARLY a breach of national security, and it has top officials in the Pentagon horrified. Three of these officials talked to Buzzfeed’s Nancy Youssef anonymously, and they all agreed: “We never talk about subs!”

“By announcing the presence of nuclear submarines, the president, some Pentagon officials privately explained, gives away the element of surprise,” Youssef reported. “An irony given his repeated declarations during the campaign that the US announces far too many of its military plans when it comes to combating ISIS.”

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“Moreover, some countries in the region, particularly China, seek to develop their anti-sub capability,” the officials told Youssef. “Knowing that two US submarines are in the region could allow them to test their own military capabilities.”

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Now, Trump’s loose lips have broadcast the location of two of America’s most sensitive national security assets to the ENTIRE WORLD. This is arguably the worst betrayal of American national security that’s ever happened, but it’s par for the course with Trump.

Republicans still like to cast themselves as huge supporters of our troops. But Trump has done NOTHING but undermine our brave men and women in uniform while president. This is an outrage. Donald Trump Military

Trump exposed the operating crews of these two subs to the North Koreans, the Chinese, and the Russians. You know, all of our enemies who would LOVE to know where any American subs are at any given time.

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We cannot let this kind of madness continue. Trump cannot be allowed to finish his term for the good of the American people.




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