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In April, it was reported  that an intelligence source held claims that the foreign intelligence community caught Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump in criminal acts.

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According to these sources, there was a recording that was handed over to the FBI, proving these alleged acts.

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A tweet from Claude Taylor – former Bill Clinton White House staffer read “Just getting
this. A source is telling me that two countries’ Intel agencies have handed over audio of
Trump kids-criminal acts on tape.”

According to Counterchekist, France’s intelligence community has turned over more
evidence to support the allegations against Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

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Also Portugal turned in evidence that incriminates Congressman Devin Nunes. So
we have Devin Nunes, who is known for having unethical contacts in Portugal, and
Trump’s two sons.

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The exact nature of these crimes is still unknown, one can assume that since Trump Jr.
has bragged about doing business in Russia, it would have something to do with them.

However, since the audio tape hasn’t been leaked yet, all we can do is speculate on
which crime the Trump boys actually committed.

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Could Trump’s sons be doing business with the Russians? Comment Below.