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Trump Jr.’s confession to colluding with Russians recently has shined light on other meetings and contacts between Trump, his associates and Russia. Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe says that the recent information leads him to believe both Trump and Pence may both be impeached over it.

Mike Pence’s press secretary refused to deny any meetings occurred between Mike Pence and the Russian government on Fox News this week. While many people have speculated about what this could mean Tribe shared his thoughts on Twitter saying, “Pence is in up to his neck. Impeachment conversation may be premature, but whenever it occurs it may need to cover both POTUS & VPOTUS”.

Tribe is one of the most well-known scholars on the U.S. Constitution. Despite the Republican lack of impeachment efforts, Tribe’s comments carry a lot of weight and signal that the evidence for impeachment is there.

If Trump and Pence do indeed end up being impeached, who will lead the country? Paul Ryan is next in line and Senate Pro Tem Orrin Hatch is after him. There’s speculation that they would be impeached in succession, not simultaneously so that Republicans would have time to appoint another VP who would ultimately hold the position of President.

While impeachment seems a long way off, the foundation for the movement is being laid nice and strong. We can’t wait to see what evidence comes out as Trump Jr.’s meeting, and other meetings continue to be investigated.
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