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Just when you think Donald Trump can’t get any more outrageous with his outbursts of sleazy behavior, he goes and outdoes himself. Trump literally just interrupted a call with a world leader so he could HIT ON a female journalist that was standing nearby.

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This is sexist, unhinged behavior from a predatory man who feels as if he can and should have NO repercussions for his constant fits of salacious behavior. What a MOCKERY of the office of the presidency—an office that is supposed to be filled with dignity and honor, instead of a tyrant who preys on those with less power than him.

Here’s what we know about this deplorable incident so far. Today, Trump participated in a schedule phone meeting with the Republic of Ireland’s new Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar.

Just the fact that Trump was on the phone with another world leader should’ve been a sign for EVERYONE that some sort of outrageous debacle was about to take place. And what happened next WAS a debacle, but it wasn’t one that anyone expected.

In footage that’s now unsurprisingly going viral on social media, Trump pauses the important diplomatic call to begin describing the Irish press pool that was in the Oval Office to report on the meeting. That’s when Trump singled out reporter Caitriona Perry, literally interrupting an important diplomatic call to HIT ON her.

“Where are you from,” Trump is heard saying in the video, pointing to Perry. “Go ahead, come here. We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from?”

Perry tells Trump her name and where she is from. Of course, Agent Orange doesn’t hold back, he responds with full-on flirtatious inappropriateness.

Trump added to Varadkar, “Caitriona Perry. She’s got a nice smile on her face, so I bet she treats you well.”

Afterwards, Perry characterized the encounter as “bizarre,” which is the understatement of the century. Trump’s comments to Perry would be inappropriate coming from any boss in ANY workplace in America, much less from a sitting president in the White House who already has a wife.

This incident is just the LATEST example of Trump’s consistent displays of disrespect toward women. Such piggish behavior should have no place in our nation, but Trump is broadcasting this repugnant behavior to the world and humiliating America in the process.
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Question: Is this just more proof that Trump lacks any respect for women?




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