Criss Kwaku Waddle has been in the news for having an affair with a Senior High School graduate, which we only know by the first name – Mary. The said lady was rumored to have attempted suicide. Also they were l3a.k.ed photos of their intimate affairs on social media to which Criss Waddle has disputed.

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The AMG Ghanaian rapper – Criss Waddle who was interviewed on Hitz FM over the week has finally spoken about his infamous ordeal with the said SHS graduate. He mentioned how they met, the lady’s suicide attempt and other related stories.

How they met? Criss confirmed to the obvious cliché – they met on social media. “We met through one of the social media platforms just this year. We became friends for a couple of months and we’ve been chilling once in a while. She used to come to my place and so basically that’s how we met.”

The ‘P3 Kakra’ rapper also touched on the alleged suicide attempt of the SHS girl. Waddle noted saying, “I think she framed all those things up just for attention. The blood doesn’t even look real and her posture on the floor even pointed to the fact that ‘allo soor’ was going on. I’m done with her. I won’t want to see her again, that’s it. Like I already told everyone, I’m not interested in dating her and I won’t date her for anything, no!”

Touching on the alleged n3.k.ed photos that he lea.k.ed on social media, Criss Waddle disputed the situation. He said “That’s not the girl, and that’s not my bathroom”
Waddle claims he has finally learnt his lesson and disclosed never to deal with immature ladies.

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