republicans shut down robert mueller

Recognizing just how desperate President Trump’s situation has become amid Russiagate, one Congressional Republican is coming to the Orange One’s aid in the worst way possible. An article published by the WashingtonPost exposes Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) and his allies who are introducing a bill that would imminently shutter Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation.

This is shameless obstruction of justice, and it’s being waged in Congress on behalf of Trump. Our democracy has been poisoned by traitors and by those who are willing—like Rep. DeSantis—to aid and abet these traitors.

Here’s what we know so far. Rep. DeSantis has constructed a “kill bill” that would end Mueller’s Russiagate investigation after six months. Six months because that’s enough time for Trump and DeSantis to make it seem like they’ve given Mueller a “fair” shake. No one here’s stupid, though.

DeSantis’ reason for wanting to end Mueller’s investigation? He outrageously claims the whole scandal is a waste of the American peoples’ time. Get real!

“That’s not a good use of resources and diverts our attention on Capitol Hill away from on the core issues that American people want us to address,” Rep. DeSantis commented. “Is this being done because we want to answer this question about ‘were there crimes committed by members of a presidential campaign working in cahoots with the Russians?’ Yes or no? And if there weren’t, then go on. All the stuff we’re hearing are things that really are unrelated to that.”

Yep, that’s right: DeSantis would have us believe that Russiagate is all smoke and no fire, when Mueller’s investigation and pre-dawn FBI raids on Paul Manafort’s house scream otherwise. He is clearly being a lapdog for Trump, and EVERYONE can see it.

This is the most anti-American, anti-patriotic buffoonery EVER displayed by a U.S. Congressman. Rep. DeSantis is trying to cover-up Trump’s treason, and for what? To land a mid-level job in the Trump administration?

There are surely dozens of other Republicans too afraid to put their names on DeSantis’ sick bill that totally agree with the Florida Representative’s defensive maneuver on Trump’s behalf.

Indeed, half of the GOP seemingly don’t care WHAT crimes Trump’s guilty of in Russiagate. They want the whole scandal to just go away so they can forget about it and get back to enacting an extreme right-wing agenda.

DeSantis MUST be stopped. Republicans will destroy America if they allow Trump to get away with Russiagate unscathed.

In these dark days, there can be no rest for the Resistance. There are simply too many traitors on the loose in America for us to give up our noble fight now.

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