bob harper heart attack

‘Biggest Loser’ host and fitness champ Bob Harper has mentioned that he suffered a heart attack on February, thus this month.

The 51-year-old finest guru said he was unconscious for two days two days after suffering a heart attack in New York, during a normal workout routine. The trainer told TMZ.

Apparent he was hospitalized for eight days after he collapsed two weeks ago while training at a New York gym. Harper was later cleared by doctors to move home to LA, his home.

Although he is improving, Harper has said that he is limited and he can not engage in extremely strenuous exercises. All he will be doing for now is walking. The ‘Biggest Loser’ host mentioned of how his mom died from a heart attack, saying that his family has a history with the killer attack.

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Although he has not addressed his health on social media, the fitness trainer posted a photo of candle with the caption ‘My word of the day… LUCKY” on his Instagram page.

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bob harper instagram post after heart attack




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