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A CNN producer was tracking DeVos’s comments at the meeting and caught her ridiculously offensive opening line, via Twitter:

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos attended a major conservative political rally last week and she reportedly introduced herself by taking a shot at the poor kids in our country who get free lunch from school.

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A CNN producer was tracking DeVos’s comments at the meeting and caught her ridiculously offensive opening line, via Twitter:

The Department of Education, which DeVos now leads, is responsible for coordinating free school lunches for kids all over the country – so is Betsy DeVos saying that program shouldn’t exist?

It’s just one more example of the way that the Trump administration is out of touch with ordinary Americans. They are in office so they can serve their wealth friends, not poor and middle-class families.

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As you might expect, people are not very happy with DeVos for her latest comments. Daily Kos reports:

It’s funny because when kids cannot afford food, they starve. Get it? If they’re starving, then maybe they’ll die! The joke works on so many levels I’m shocked you aren’t laughing yet.

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Betsy DeVos is a billionaire monster who bought herself a position in a cabinet that is only interested in destroying every and all functionality of government. She got her job because of her money and the fact that she is epically unqualified to make a peanut butter sandwich—let alone help formulate education policy. Whether it’s the millions of veterans’ families and their children that need subsidies to help feed their children or the 2 million children living off of food stamps, Republicans just don’t seem to want anyone—even little children—to have free food.

DeVos’s comments came at the Conservative Political Action Conference, which is a major GOP meet-up each year in Washington D.C.

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The controversial Secretary of Education was also caught on microphone at the CPAC event promoting President Donald Trump’s hateful attacks on LGBT students at schools.

Devos, Trump, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced they are getting rid of trans students’ bathroom rights at public schools, a move that has been widely criticized by human rights advocates.

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