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Best Places To Visit In France: Being one of the most popular destination for tourist attraction, we bring you 7 of the best places to visit in France.

Beautiful destinations in the world, France is usually a one stop tourist attraction for everyone. It is estimated to receive over 90 million foreign visitors annually.

Visitors to France are usually attracted by the beautiful country, the historic cities, a widely acceptable climate.

The amazing beaches on the French Riviera, the endless destinations for winter sports, the amazing spicy food and not least the tasty wines.

Best Places To Visit in France – Top 7

  1. Le Puy-en-Velay:
    le puy en velay france Le Puy-en-Velay is in the southern part of France. It is well-known for mostly three things. Lentils, Cathedrals and making beautiful Lace. Also a shrine of the Virgin Mary has attracted spiritual travelers from everywhere in the world since the middle ages of life. Visitors usually make it to the Notre Dame Cathedral as it is the most popular tourist attraction around the south.

6. Chateau de Chenonceau:
best place visit franceBeing the most famous chateau in the Loire Valley Chenonceau Chateau comes in sixth position. It was built-in the 16th century and spans across the River Cher with beautiful passageways of boats at the very bottom. Next to Versailles, it is one of the most love-able destination for visitors in France. This beautiful Chateau was once bombed in the World War II, although it has been restored now, there are cracks in the wall. No worry, it’s

5. Epernay Champagne:
epernay-champagne Famous for its champagne, Epernay Champagne attracts visitors who love to sip on their wine. It is located in a small town of the sought of Reims. It’s name ‘Capital of Champagne’ was deprived since many of the top champagnes are produced in this city.

4. Cannes Film Festival:bay of cannes de festival vibesroll

This is mostly famous to movie lovers across the globe since it comes to light on every May for the Cannes Film Festival that sees the best of the world’s movie-making industry players coming together to be celebrated. Blessed with beaches, visitors mostly go out to film venues, restaurants and shops mingling with stars in the city.

3. Nimes Roman Monuments:
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Nimes is a city made of a collection of Roman buildings. It is home to the marvelous Roman Temple which has nicknamed it the French Rome. Nimes is located in southern France and used to be an important city in Roman Gaul.

2. Val d’Isere:
france destinationsVal d’lsere is a ski resort in southeastern France. It can be located close to the border France to Italy. It once hosted the 1992 Winter Olympics & continues to host World Cup Ski races. Most seasons in winter, visitors outnumbers residents in the city by 15 to 1.

  1. Camargue:
    france destination camargue Toping the chart of 7 best places to visit in France Camargue is the largest delta in Western Europe, famous for its overwhelming bird-life (Over 500 species) including the pink flamingo. Attracting over half a million visitors annually, Camargue is the only destination for spotting white horses.

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