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2020 is just around the corner and the Democrats are already thinking about who could defeat President Trump and put the country back on its progressive track.

There has been a lot of speculation around Bernie Sanders being the frontrunner for the party, but some say he is simply too old. Sanders will be 79 on election day.

However, that isn’t going to stop the Vermont senator from campaigning. Sanders is back on the “campaign” trail this week and on Sunday he’ll visit West Virginia and Kentucky, according to CNN.

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Furthermore, Matt Yglesias, a Vox journalist, suggests that Sanders is still the Democrats main choice. “He’s doing exactly what a candidate who fell short needs to do to run a second time. He’s established a national political organization, he’s improved his ties with colleagues on Capitol Hill, he’s maintained a heavy presence in national media, and he’s traveling the country talking about issues.”

The only real obstacle Sanders is facing are the allegations surrounding his wife Jane Sanders’ land deal at Burlington College. One Democratic operative told CNN, “Most of the opposition research on Bernie Sanders aside from his opposition to gun safety measures has never seen the light of day. With a large field of Democratic candidates competing, that will undoubtedly change and cause big problems for him.”

Yglesias continued to explain why Sander’s ages aren’t going to stop him. “Of course, just because everyone would see Sanders as the frontrunner if he were 60 doesn’t change the fact that he’s 75. Establishment Democrats I talk to simply assume that Sanders is “too old” and won’t run. Nobody inside or outside of his camp denies that he’s older than would be objectively ideal.

But the leap from there to too old to run simply isn’t supported by the facts. And while active Clinton supporters after cite the idea that Sanders is too old as an objection to supporting him next time, one almost never hears this from people who supported him last time around — indicating, again, that whatever problems Sanders 2020 would encounter, a sequel campaign would be a stronger force than the original.”

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