Becca: Ghanaian soul singer – Rebecca Akosua Acheampomaa aka Becca has decided to proved to many that she is naturally gifted with a show-off hips.

Becca may not be on your list of endowed women but i guess you guessed wrong.

Many must have doubted the lovable singer when she was spotted flaunting her curves whiles at the night of the Ghana Make-Up Awards which took place last week.

The soul singer took to his Instagram page to address the issue and stating that African women are naturally endowed and do not need pads or whatsoever to fake it.

“When they say it’s fake but, you don’t roll that way!!! Still love you all!!! As African women we are naturally endowed. We come in different forms, shapes and sizes and even skin color. This is what I have and appreciate. Love you and what you have, be content and most of all let the beauty inside you reflect on the outside. Thank you God!!” – Becca

After seeing this photo the singer posted on Instagram, you will fall in love with the ‘Na Wash’ singer again!

becca 2




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