Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arnold Schwarzenegger & Donald Trump

Arnold Schwarzenegger Funds New Program That Will End Republican Election Scams

Schwarzenegger’s campaign says it’s time to put Congressional redistricting in the hands of independent commissions.

Schwarzenegger wrote that Americans are divided more than ever—and that’s intentional.

“Politicians have literally divided us, drawing map lines so that they can pick the voters they want to represent, instead of letting the voters pick them.”

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Schwarzenegger went onto to blame gerrymandering for his own lack of opportunity to change the system, stating that “legislators were drawing their own districts, they were picking their voters and virtually assuring their own re-election.”

Politicians come from either hard left or hard right districts and so don’t see any need to leave their partisan politics behind. But that’s only causing more conflict.

Schwarzenegger, a Republican himself, said that California’s adoption of an independent commission to draw congressional districts some ten years ago resulted in four House seats changing party hands in 2008, which was a 400 percent increase.

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This is why Arnold has started his “Terminate Gerrymandering” fundraising page on CrowdPac, which so far has over than $15,000. He has also said he will match any donations made to the campaign.

He hopes to fix the broken system by stopping the practice of drawing district lines, so that representatives with poor approval ratings will stop being reelected by default.

The former Terminator even said some of these representatives have approval ratings worse than “herpes, colonoscopies and cockroaches”.

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You have to wonder how Arnold’s seeking to play fair will sit with certain Republicans who count on gerrymandering to stay in office. Much has already been written about how Republicans are warring with themselves, as the majority has alienated many modern voters in recent years.

Some even say gerrymandering is what has allowed Republicans to keep control of Congress for the past seven years.

Arnold’s campaign must feel like a direct threat from the Terminator himself. This along with his outspoken Trump criticism, may challenge his own party…and change politics forever!

NB: Gerrymandering refers to the manipulation of boundaries for an electoral constituency that favors one party—in this case the scheming Republican party.