americans have no right to protest me

Trump says Americans have ‘no right’ to protest him.

Donald Trump just had his lawyer file a motion claiming the American people have “no right” to protest “President Trump”. This is a DIRECT affront to our 1st Amendment rights and Trump’s boldest tyrannical power play yet.

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That’s right, Trump’s officially kicking his “anti-Civil Rights” era off with an outrageous bang, as he’s literally arguing in court that it’s illegal for American citizens to protest against him at his campaign rallies. This is TYRANNY, folks, plain and simple, and it should horrify every American who values their Constitutional rights to free speech and free assembly.

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The tyrannical line of Trump’s lawyer is that American citizens have “no right” to convey “dissenting views” at Trump’s rallies because these protests violate the Orange One’s free speech. Never-mind that Trump is arguing that his free speech rights should supersede the free speech rights of EVERY other Americans.

The case in question first arose when three anti-Trump protesters filed suit against Trump. They’re suing because they were the victims of aggressive mob violence after Trump commanded his supporters to eject the protesters from one of his rallies in Louisville in 2016.

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Let that fascist reality sink in for a second. We now have a president who’s being sued for inciting political violence at one of his rallies.

So instead of responding to the charges against Trump, his legal team is trying to make an unconstitutional, smokescreen swipe at the free speech rights of Trump’s protesters. Sounds like Team Trump, doesn’t it?

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In fact, Trump’s lawyers are so backward that they initially argued that Trump’s violence-inciting speech at the rally was protected under the 1st Amendment. Except the ONLY kind of speech that the 1st Amendment doesn’t guarantee is violence-inciting speech.

If this case is any indication, Trump doesn’t give a damn about free speech, one of the most sacred ideals of America’s Founding Fathers. His filing is literally a direct assault on our most fundamental right as Americans.

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What this means for the American people is that Trump clearly doesn’t want us to keep speaking up and protesting like we have been. That’s because our anti-Trump efforts are making a difference, folks… Don’t Forget To Comment Below!!!




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