alec baldwin donald trump

Actor Alec Baldwin has a request for the viewers of Saturday Night Live: Take a knee while they watch NBC’s SNL premiere. Baldwin’s tweet said. “At 11:30, I want everyone in this great country to gather round the TV, take a knee and tune into @nbcsnl.”

Last week, President Trump threw kerosene on the fire over NFL players kneeling during the national anthem.

The players were peacefully protesting police brutality and racial inequality but the president didn’t care. He called them “sons of bitches” and demanded the NFL fire them, calling their kneels an act of “disrespect”.

Trump’s comments earned animosity from the NFL president, coaches, and over two dozen players, who defended the players’ rights to protest. Last Sunday, teams came together in solidarity, linking arms and kneeling across the country.

Alec Baldwin has been revered and applauded for his role on SNL as Donald Trump but the president and his lackeys are the only ones not laughing.

Finding the truth of the show too much to bare, Trump claimed the show is “unfunny” and “unwatchable”.

alec baldwin donald trump

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